The ultimate goal of the Adesida Lab is to develop autologous cell-based tissue engineering strategies to repair cartilage and meniscus defects.

Adult-derived mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) have the capacity to form a variety of mesenchymal tissues including bone, adipose and cartilage. In addition, MSCs secrete a myriad of bioactive molecules (i.e. trophic factors) that have the potency to promote cell proliferation and enhance the differentiated status of mature cells.

The laboratory’s current focus is to investigate the interplay between MSCs from bone marrow (BMSCs) or adipose (ADSCs) sources, and mature cartilage cells (chondrocytes) and meniscus cells for cartilage and meniscus tissue formation.

The scientific questions addressed are related to (i) optimal stem cell source of factors promoting cell proliferation and differentiation, (ii) differentiation and anatomical privilege, (iii) identification of potent bioactive molecules for chondrogenic and fibrochondrogenic differentiation, (iv) effect of oxygen tension on profiles of bioactive agents in (iii) and (v) fabrication of bioactive molecules in (iii) into clinically applicable matrices for cartilage and meniscus formation.

These projects are at the interface of basic and applied research fostering the expertise and collaborative efforts of chemists, biologist, clinicians, bio-engineers and material scientists.